Want to grow your business by giving your customers the ability to reach Chinese consumers directly? At iCronPay, we are welcoming to having a vast network of partners that help us build close relationships with different industries. Do you have connections and experience in a specific market? Join iCronPay and become one of the Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs). We will provide you with the tools, services and support you need to generate referrals and supplement your business. With our competitive fee structure and flexible API, you can define the fee structure yourself.As long as your merchants send volume, you will be always getting commission, and you can request to clear the funds to your designated bank account with designated currency.By the way, you also can check your benefits, your merchants and your merchants' transactions with our reseller account.Become an Affiliate today: No Cost, No Obligation, and Daily Payouts(Have to reach the min withdrawal amount).


Why become our reseller ?

Why become our reseller ?

High Commission

Considerable referral fee and transaction commission, more processing for higher commission

Easy Access

Simple compliance,easy procedure and quick access to get a reseller account

Multiple Participator

Separated account for both merchant and reseller,more clear more convenience



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